Thursday, October 1, 2009

Transporation Nightmare: Getting around Outside Lands

Here's the deal with the Outside Lands Music Fest. While Golden Gate Park is an amazing venue for a festival there aren't many hotels within walking distance so, you might as well stay where you want and either rent a car or use the public transpo. The bus system, the Muni, is the easiest way to get around San Francisco EXCEPT when you're trying to get out of Golden Gate Park at the end of the festival. Every bus will fill up to capacity at the exit of the Main Stage and then you're SOL, losers. We walked three miles (yes, that's right) toward our hotel until we suckered a town car driver into stuffing all six of us into his car. At that point he could have strapped us to the roof and we wouldn't have cared. We were staying at the JW on Post St. over 5 miles away and even though it was easy and cheap to hop on the Muni or grab a cab to get to Golden Gate Park, getting out of there was a nightmare. On night 2 we arranged for a limo to pick us up on one of the street corners outside of the park (aaahhhh, no 3 mile walks) and on the third day we left early to catch our flight home so, transpo was no big deal. Bottom line is if you plan on jamming out to the headlining band through the end of each night, be sure to pre-arrange getting your drunk ass home. xo jahnel

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  1. UGH! Getting stuck in that mess after the shows end in Golden Gate park is a nightmare. The Muni bus system in San Francisco is not ready for that size crowd all at once. Good call on arranging your own transportation after the headliner plays at night!