Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Puppies and Sunshine. Playing hooky in a '73 Scout

Well, what was I to do? I woke up, the sun was shining, and I had two very rambunctious Labradors who were chomping at the bit to get outside. The only solution was to load up the Scout and take to cruising the cliffs in Palos Verdes. (Wind in your hair and tunes included!)

xo jahnel

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Night of Burlesque

So, once a month I take to the stage in my unmentionables with a group of ladies called The Lala's. Here are few of my favorite pixies from our show last Saturday night at Upper Manhattan Lounge in Manhattan Beach. Fishnets, and cleavage, and garters, Oh my.......
xx jahnel

Photo credit: Dan Fowler

Photo Credit: Dan Fowler

Photo Credit: Dan Fowler

Photo Credit: Dan Fowler

Photo Credit: Steven Larson

Photo Credit: Steven Larson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fashion Week: On the streets of Paris

While browsing the dailies from Fashion week in Paris, I came across these photos taken by Photoblogger, Tommy Ton. Not often do we get to see what people are wearing TO the shows. I love these stacks of rings and bracelets. Pile it on because more is more. xo jahnel

At these prices, go ahead. Over accessorize.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

What's got me so excited this morning? This little gem of a teaser trailer from one of my favorite directors. Tim Burton + Disney IMAX + Johnny Depp in 3-D = dark and twisted happiness.
xo jahnel

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rain Boots: My cold weather/music festival staple

Every year around this time, I start to substitute my beloved Havianas for shoes of the closed toe variety. Some days it's a simple ballerina flat and others (mostly) it's my uggs. This year I'm taking the route of Kate Moss and other UK festival goers with a pair of classic Hunter wellies. Totally worth the $115 price tag since I'm buying a shoe that is, I don't know, how about practical for those wet winter days where I'd like to stay dry and warm and still look cute. Don't these pics make you want a pair? xo jahnel

Wellies are the shoe du jour for Glastonbury Festival

On the set of Mr & Mrs Smith: more proof that Angelina can make anything look sexy

Pink wellies......

red wellies......

not wellies, but who doesn't love a mid-day make-out sesh in undies and boots?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Britney Spears 2009: Staples Center, Los Angeles

Why? Because 'Sometimes a girl just needs one.' I'm talkin about a little dose of Britney. My days of pop tart music are so over but as Autumn's mom put it pre-concert, Britney and us "have been together for quite a long time". So, when I found out The Circus tour was coming to town there was no doubt we'd be right there in the middle of it (5th row to be exact) even at $170 (ouch) a pop. Any regrets we had at spending that kind of money for a ticket were laid to rest at the first 'Hit me baby one more time'.
Talk about a spectacle. It was everything we've come to expect from Brit: Killer costumes and sets, A-mazing dancers, midgets, clowns, and para-palegic acrobats doing the trampoline all while lip-syncing to her pre-recorded tracks. Did we care? Nope, we still had a blast and would do it all over again in our new concert paraphernalia. (Yes, we had to!)

I don't care what the papz say, she looks amazing. This woman has popped out 2 kids, people!

Still gets my vote for cutest ass

No, it's not K-Fed but, Miss Brit definitely loves her some white trash thugs

'Everytime' may have been the only song she sung live. It was hard to tell.

My favorite costume. Loving the black tulle bustle and mask!

Concert in the round, great lighting, great sets, great night

Killer picture. Frame included.

Autumn and me in a confetti snowstorm

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Outside Lands Music and Art Festival: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

What's better than mixing music AND travel? Nothing! Especially when it involves a group of bad ass friends that love music as much as I do. This was my second year to San Fran for the festival and the line-up certainly did not dissapoint; Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, Incubus, Black-eyed Peas, The Dead Weather (oh, how I heart Jack White), Modest Mouse, and the list goes on.
We flew in Friday morning on Virgin America, which by the way fuckin ROCKS. Mood lighting, Absynthe shots, and texting between seats is the most fun I've ever had at 23,000 feet. Limo'd (cheesy, I know but, come on, there were 6 of us) ourselves to the JW Marriott in Union Square and settled into some very posh weekend digs. Not very gypsy of me but, I've never been a girl to discriminate against high thread count sheets and room service. Go ahead, live vicariously.....

Union Square. That's me in the middle with the rad purple shades

What's better than one gypsy? Two! Me with bestie, Autumn

Jammin to the Peas. Who would've guessed Fergie & Co. were the highlight of the weekend?

Fri & Sat were the sunniest days S.F. had seen all year and then the fog rolled in on 'Sun'day, of course

Gypsy in training

2nd time seeing The Dead Weather in less than a week

Jack White (sigh). Rock my world

Twin Peaks Stage at the main entrance. Check out below the awesomeness happening on stage

Transporation Nightmare: Getting around Outside Lands

Here's the deal with the Outside Lands Music Fest. While Golden Gate Park is an amazing venue for a festival there aren't many hotels within walking distance so, you might as well stay where you want and either rent a car or use the public transpo. The bus system, the Muni, is the easiest way to get around San Francisco EXCEPT when you're trying to get out of Golden Gate Park at the end of the festival. Every bus will fill up to capacity at the exit of the Main Stage and then you're SOL, losers. We walked three miles (yes, that's right) toward our hotel until we suckered a town car driver into stuffing all six of us into his car. At that point he could have strapped us to the roof and we wouldn't have cared. We were staying at the JW on Post St. over 5 miles away and even though it was easy and cheap to hop on the Muni or grab a cab to get to Golden Gate Park, getting out of there was a nightmare. On night 2 we arranged for a limo to pick us up on one of the street corners outside of the park (aaahhhh, no 3 mile walks) and on the third day we left early to catch our flight home so, transpo was no big deal. Bottom line is if you plan on jamming out to the headlining band through the end of each night, be sure to pre-arrange getting your drunk ass home. xo jahnel

Numero Uno

Welcome to the maiden voyage. Let's get this blog party started with an inspiration board of amazing photogs from Cheyenne Ellis. These, my dears, are the essence of Jane in her gypsy world. And the reason I started this bloggity blog. I wouldn't mind living in any one of these worlds. Here are a few gypsy rules to live by. Let's go.....

First off, if you've never hitch hiked it.
Just be picky.......

Say, 'yes' to long walks in the woods....

Take caution when napping on your snowboard at the top of the mountain. Napping at the bottom is always fine.....

Never ever wear socks in the grass....or white for that matter...

Always be down for a girl's only adventure....

Always be down for a solo adventure....