Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hipstamatic LoVe in Montana de Oro

I recently received a brand spanking new ipod Touch as a gift and Hipstamatic was the very first app I downloaded. Having drooled for months over the retro-ness of friends' Hipsta pics, I was stoked to finally give it a proper test run this past weekend in MontaƱa de Oro. I'm still trying to figure out the perfect film/flash/lens combos but, thankfully it's super easy to use. Below, a few pics:

Lens: John S, Film: Ina's 1969, Flash: off

Lens: John S, Film:Ina's 1969, Flash: Standard

Lens: Jimmy, Film: Kodot XGrizzled, Flash: off

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The most beautiful country you'll ever travel through

We all have that place. That place that makes you feel like your feet barely touch the ground and that anything in the world is possible from here on out. For me, that place is New Zealand. Although, most of my earth shattering experience there had to do with the fact that I was away from home, working on the biggest project of my entire life, and in the middle of ending a three year relationship, I like to think my travels there would have been equally profound, had I been in a completely normal emotional and mental state.
Alas, I found myself (literally and figuratively) tramping solo through the south island of New Zealand. It was a journey that marked the beginning of my obsession to hitting the open road at every opportunity. Because really, the best way to escape is to, well, escape.

I love these photographs from ridiculously talented photographer, Andrew Smith. They capture the heart of what I experienced in New Zealand: a serenity that balances precariously along the icy water's edge and towering mountain tops.

All photos by Andrew Smith via My Modern Met

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning light of Machu Picchu

After four days of trekking the Inca Trail, Mel and I arose just before dawn with the hopes of being two of the lucky adventurers to, not only see Machu Picchu, but also climb Huayna Picchu. We were. And we did.
Here is the gorgeous light that took over Machu Picchu as the morning sun made it's way over the mountain. So worth those few extra minutes of sleep we missed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A French Bohemian wedding

Would you ever guess that the dainty French detailing in these photos came from a wedding in Texas? Neither would I. Adore them as I did!

Photo source: Green Wedding Shoes via: Bldg 25

Monday, January 17, 2011

'Adventure is worthwhile in itself' - Amelia Earhart

A winter's day at the beach

It may be the middle of January but, you could have fooled us. We gobbled up the sunshine and 80 degree weather yesterday in Hermosa Beach. Complete with margaritas, volleyball, and bikinis!

All photos taken with the Hipstomatic app for iphone

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy SoCal weekend!

The sun is shining in Southern California.... I couldn't be happier. Have a lovely weekend!

Photo by Cheyenne Ellis

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free People catalog in Paris and my daily french fix

As I am obsessed with all things Parisian right now, I was thrilled to come upon this post from Sarah Shirley's Style Diary, including images and a video shot of the new Free People (LOVE!) catalog.

Free People January from FreePeople on Vimeo.

Sucker Punch

Just when you thought there weren't enough bad ass heroines in Hollywood.

Chicks kicking ass in high heels and fake eyelashes? Yes Please!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Eve at The Bellagio

I ended 2010 on stage at the Bellagio in Las Vegas this year, shaking my tush off. Couldn't have asked for a better send off to a year that was so very good to me!

Backstage in the dressing room

All the Gaga's backstage

Gaga's on stage

Friday, January 7, 2011

Custom designed burlesque costume....

Well. Almost. I've been working on this little beauty the last few days. Still may need a few finishing touches.

My second home in Peru

I love this shot that my sister took of me at the end of our month and a half journey across Peru. I was certainly reflecting on all the ways that my life had changed in that time. It is true that in order to really get to know yourself, one must travel!

Taken in Lima at 'Second Home Peru', the home of Peruvian sculptor Victor Delfin

Repeal prohibition!

Nothing thrills me more than performing with the Lala's! Here at the Hennessey's anti-prohibition party.

All photos by Dan Fowler

Happiness is......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Morning

Thank you, Mr. Sunshine, for flooding my bedroom with your annoying rays this morning!

Country Living

Is it too early to get excited for Spring?

Dilly Dallas via Wide open Spaces