Friday, October 9, 2009

Rain Boots: My cold weather/music festival staple

Every year around this time, I start to substitute my beloved Havianas for shoes of the closed toe variety. Some days it's a simple ballerina flat and others (mostly) it's my uggs. This year I'm taking the route of Kate Moss and other UK festival goers with a pair of classic Hunter wellies. Totally worth the $115 price tag since I'm buying a shoe that is, I don't know, how about practical for those wet winter days where I'd like to stay dry and warm and still look cute. Don't these pics make you want a pair? xo jahnel

Wellies are the shoe du jour for Glastonbury Festival

On the set of Mr & Mrs Smith: more proof that Angelina can make anything look sexy

Pink wellies......

red wellies......

not wellies, but who doesn't love a mid-day make-out sesh in undies and boots?

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  1. HOW good is that last photo
    p.s. i am going the whole 115 and buying those pink hunters in time for the bali wet season - if it's good enough for kate...